Sunday, 15 February 2015

Stay away from these lashes!!!!!

This is a first on my blog, cause when I don't like a product I simply don't mention it, but this made me so angry, I have to warn everyone I can. 

A week ago or so I bought s-he stylezone lashes, so far I never had a bad experience with their products, but this was more than a disappoinment.

I bought the left ones (I threw mine away in a fit of rage) and it's not so much the lashes which are evil, it's the lash glue!

I was naive enough to use the lash glue that came with the lashes and it was UNREMOVABLE. I tried for an hour to get rid of the glue with oil based and oil free make up remover. I tried everything. My eye area was so sore I had to apply Bepanthen like an eye cream.. 

But it wouldn't go away. It took three days and a lot of rubbing until the last bits of glue finally vanished and it left my eyes with several lash-free spaces. It looks horrible, like someone randomly removed them.

I can't tell you how angry and furious I was and still am. I just have to look in the mirror. This glue is an affront and I feel s-he stylezone should pay me money to get lash extensions until my lashes grow back. 

So, please, NEVER buy them. 



Connü said...

That sounds horrid! Thanks for the warning! :O

WMBG said...


Der Post gefällt mir super und auf deinem Blog werde ich nun öfters vorbei schauen!
Würde mich sehr freuen, wenn du auch mal bei mir vorbei siehst:)

Ganz liebe Grüße,