Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Last Part of Illamasqua Swatches Project - Pencils, Eyeshadows

Good morning!

So here is the last part of my big Illamasqua Swatching Session.

Let's start with their pencils - I love them, the formula is great and the colour range is, as usual, extraordinary.

And finally!!! the eyeshadows - as you can see I didn't swatch all of them, I just was so exhausted after three hours, I just swatched the ones which seemed special.


My next posts will be about some products I recently bought and reviews about these hauls. Also I wanna do a look and a review with some drugstore products. :-)



Bunny run run said...

great job !
thank you ! those swatch are really helpful !

Replica said...

All your swatches are really helpful, especially for those of us who order online. Must have taken you ages :)