Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The science of making a MAC polish last

For the record: I love nail polish, I truly do, but some of them are tricky to work with..

Though I love it, my nails don't seem to be made for polish, so I try to work around it. Especially the formula of MAC nail polish can be really problematique..

There are enough brands out there that provide awesome colours and so I usually don't bother, but sometimes MAC releases polishes that I just can't resist, for example: Peppermint Petti.. (the right one in the picture below)

And after I experminented and cursed a lot I found a way to make the polishes last perfectly. So here's the miracle step by step way, that worked for me:

  1. You need these two babies! -> China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat and China Glaze No-Chip Top Coat
  2. Make sure your nails are clean and start with one coat of the Strong Adhesion Base Coat and let it dry for one minute or so - it dries pretty fast
  3. When this is done you go over that with two or three coats of your MAC polish
  4. Finish with one coat of the No-Chip Top Coat and let it try for some minutes.
  5. The last part, which makes a real difference I found out, is the use of drying drops! I tried three different: Opi, Zoya and Qtica:
  6. I prefer the Opi Drip Dry or the Qtica Half Time drops. The Zoya Hurry Up drops didn't convince me fully yet, and especially with MAC polishes I need the best.
With the drops it is dry to touch after a minute and completely dry after five minutes. I love these drops!! :-)

So this is how the final steps should look like:


Hope this was useful!!

P.s.: I will talk about dry drops again in detail in one of the next posts.



inoon8 said...

thanks for sharing !

Replica said...

Great post ! I bought a MAC polish for the first time recently ( Baby Goth girl) and was really not impressed with the formula.