Tuesday, 29 September 2009

MAC Masterclass Part 2

So here is the second part with more photos and some detail infos. I promised to give you a detailed description and guess what I don't find it. .

It's somewhere I know it, but wel,l for now I can only provide you with some guidelines I remember. If it shows up, and it will, I naturally upload it.

Besides some nice appetisers every participant got a MAC file with infos of the MUA, some sheets of paper with the MAC Logo!!! and a MAC pencil!! Yes, really! Felt like christmas...

I got my MUA info signed.. :-)

And here the glorious Sheets and Pencil. I'll probably never use them, but that's okay for me. Lol..

And here are the pics of Pablo working on the models. The quality isn't that great, I was actually sitting pretty far away and they were all taken with the closest zoom..

Here some things that I found most interesting. The first look:

He used over the black lined brows and eyes clear gloss for the shiny effect and did the lips without a lipliner. It's so different when you see a MUA's specialised in photoshoots doing their job than MUA's who create looks that are supposed to last. This look is only wearable for a short time without getting smudged all over.

The second one:

This was a lot more effort, but also a lot of fun. :-) What stood out the most was the way he colour the lower lashes. That was what I remember the most of the whole masterclass: He put a pencil under the lashes and started putting Fascinating eyekohl all over the lashes, with the pencil technique nothing landed on the face and the result was overwhelming. Loved it!

And last, but not least: Pablo and his equipment, I always love to see the kits and range other artists use. So I thought I share them as well:

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed the masterclass.

P.s.: I uploaded all the pics in their original size, so just click on them and you can see the photo really large



inoon8 said...

you're so lucky !
that was a really cool masterclass, i had to twist my head when i enlarged the pictures to saw all the lipsticks colors in the case !

Kirschblüte said...

wow, cool! danke für den einblick :)