Sunday, 10 January 2010

The Clarisonic Mia

Intro-statement: A lot of text, I know, but it just needs some explanation.. :-)

I was lucky enough to persuade Santa to get me the Clarisonic Mia and so it was there under the christmas tree waiting to be used.

For the ones who don't know what this is: The Clarisonic is a brush that cleanses your face with sonic technology! This sonic technology cleans your face up to 7 times better than manual cleansing and that in a gentle way. It also minimises your pores and lets your skin absorb the products you use afterwards way much better. The producers also say it reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Nevertheless, I can't say if this is true, cause fortunately this isn't quite a problem yet.

What I can say is, that it makes pores smaller and your face smoother and I do have the impression that my skin is really able to absorb my cream now, like it drinks it. *g*For fairness sake I have to admit that my skin is fairly flawless. I never really had troubles with pimples or big pores (thank god), but it is unbelievably sensitive, as one can see from my Volcanic Ash Exfoliator post.

I don't wanna complain. Not at all. Still, it bothered me that I couldn't pamper my face, because as always I go for perfection and it just felt like ignoring my skin. This Clarisonic is gentle enough for me to use it, so everyone can use it! But now to some pictures and a how to use guide.

Oh, one thing before starting the picture marathon: The Clarisonic comes in 3 sizes, the "mia" is the "baby" of the Clarisonics. It has only one speed setting, but other than that it does exactly the same, also the brush heads are the same size as the other ones! I have the Mia, cause I only need one speed, that's enough for me and it's the cheapest.

Here is a comparison chart from the US website:

I know I know it is super expensive, but I really think it is worth it. This isn't something that gets bad after some months and the brush heads are replaceable, you will have it for forever. It's like an electrical toothbrush for your face and your face is a very important part of you.

But now, finally, I show you my baby.

That's the packaging it came in. I took this picture the night I got it. :-)

And now a closer look:

No, those bite marks aren't standard.. They are this little monsters fault:

And he doesn't even feel guilty.. How this happened? The Clarisonic is waterproof, which is super cool and so you can take it with you in the shower and use it there. That's what I did and I didn't lay it back, because I wanted to use it again the next day and during the night Kronos, that's his name, decided to take the Clarisonic and my cleanser out of the shower and try how they taste... A proof for the quality - it still works without any problems and is chargeable.. I'm really happy my set had two brush heads in it..

Well, so now you know why and so let's act like those marks aren't there. I try to do that every day as much as I can..

That's the other side and you can see how "small" and handy it is. :-)

Close up of the brush head.

My set, it's from Sephora, contained two brush heads (the second one (now Kronoses) is only in the pic for you), a little bag and the charger. This is how it is charged:

It's magnetic and supereasy to use. The charger works everywhere, nevertheless, you have to attach it to your local power outlet.

I'n my case (America to Austria) it looks like that:


And just for you: a fake picture of usage lol

It does its sonic thing exactly for one minute and then it stops. You move it around your face in circular motions. So you wet your face, put your cleanser of choice on the brush or your face and then start. It's superfast and makes such a difference.

One thing though: you can't get it here. It is available in the US and they just started selling it in the UK, but they don't have the "mia" yet. I took the slightly detour: I transferred the 149$ to a lovely friend of mine who lives in America and she bought it for me and sent it to me and I gave it to Santa to give it back to me on christmas.. *g*

Long story short: It is pricy and kinda hard to get. Still, I think it is worth it. It truly can improve your skin and make a difference. Hope you enjoyed the post. I know it was long, but I wanted to do it right for you guys. :-)


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