Monday, 25 January 2010

my little MAC Warm & Cozy haul

Lately I'm really trying to be a good girl and buy only stuff I absolutely need and so I look at each MAC collection that comes out very closely as there are a lot as you all know.

Well and since I skipped Love Lace totally and I love Shadesticks, though I don't use them often (bad girl), I pondered about buying those from the Warm & Cozy Collection.

Usually I'm on the MAC counter the first day of release of a new collection. This month I went there on the 15th, which is unbelievable for me. lol. So I looked at each shadestick in detail and also checked out the other items.
I never got hooked by the Mineralize Skinfinishes as so many seem to have, but the "comfort" one was really nice.
So with my hand full of swatches I went home and compared the shadesticks to the others I own and really thought about the Skinfinish. "Comfort" is an awesome shading colour, not so overloaded with shimmer as all the other Mineralize Skinfinishes..

Well and that's what I ended up buying. :-)

Two shadesticks: Relaxed, Cuddle and the Skinfinish "comfort"

Close ups:

I'm really in love with those products, very fallish :-)

And naturally some swatches, sunlight and daylight.

The skinfinish, cuddle and relaxed.

Nice, aren't they?

So what about you, did you get something from that collection? Maybe even the same products? How do you like them? Would love to read your opinions in the comments.


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Anonymous said...

I only got two things from that collection. 2N Lipglass and By Candlelight MSF. I liked the look of the shadesticks but knew I wouldn't use the much