Friday, 1 January 2010

Essence Moonlight Collection

Essence cosmetics is a german drugstore brand with pretty amazing stuff. The have a permanent product line and every month limited editions as well.

I became a true Essence fan with every new product I bought and when I saw the "Moonlight Collection" which is obviously inspired by The Twilight Saga which I'm absolutely addicted to, I just had to buy the whole collection.

I payed for the whole collection (14 items) about 28€ which is nothing when you're used to MAC prices.. In general their stuff rarely costs more than 2€ pro product which is truly great!!!

So here it is:

Beautiful isn't it?! I love it. So as you can see there are 3 polishes, 3 eyeshadows, 1 face shimmer powder, 1 gorgeous brush, 2 lipglosses, 2 liquid liners and a glitter set.

I thought you might like some swatches, so here they are:

Let's start with the nail polishes:

They provide a nice coverage after two coats and last well. :-)

Let's move on to the eyeshadows. As you can see they have an adorable pattern. I really have troubles using them, I don't wanna destroy the nice trees...

Swatchwise the colour pay off is decent, it could be better, but it's sublte and nice, that's fine, even more considering the cheap price and the fact that not everyone loves such intense colours. You can also see a swatch of the shimmer powder and here is the product photo:

A very useable, pretty colour.

I am extraordinarily happy with the brush, Essence doesn't have brushes in their permanent line and the brush is soooo soft and it cost about 2,45€! I almost thought about buying another one.

And I mean look at it, isn't it sweet with the pink bristles!

The lipglosses are a bit a different story, they look very nice and cute, but especially the pink one has no colour at all. Nevertheless, they feel nice on the lips and aren't sticky at all.

The liners also have a very decent pay off, but with a bit extra effort, the result is good as well. And again, one just has to keep the price in mind.

Last, but not least the glitter trio. They are so lovely and the colours look exactly like they look in the packaging so I did no swatches, knowing that it would be a bit pointless.

So I hope you enjoyed the pictures. If Essence is sold near you, you definetely should check them out. The products are great and the price is really unbeatable. For all my american readers, I'm afraid it is only sold in Europe, but I hope you still could enjoy this post.



Kelly said...

The glitter trio is very pretty, I like the brush too. And they're so cheap! Love finding good bargains like that

thelittlerouge said...

OMG, you actually did buy the all collection !
;-) what a fan !