Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Glossybox Summer Holiday Edition

Hello lovelies,

The new Glossybox arrived last week and it's one gorgeous box!!

Let's take a look, I apologize in advance for the date on the right side. I'm still not totally accustomed to my new camera. *gg*

What an awesome box. I got:

  • Matrix Biolage Hydrasource Shampoo: I love the Biolage shampoos, I currently use the Shine one and I can't wait to use this one.
  • Palmolive Mediterranean Moments: A shower gel with argain oil and a lovely scent. I have no idea how to descibe it, but it smells great.
  • Teez Cosmestics Beautiful Eyes Flat Eye Brush:

It feels soft and from what I can say it's great to pack on shadow on your eyes. The design is great as well.

  • Model Co Bronzing Powder: a bronzer with some golden particles in it.

  • Figs & Rouge Vanilla Pistachio hand cream: I love these small hand creams. I couldn't detect much of a scent, but that's fine with me. It absorbs quickly and has a good size for travelling.
  • Liebeskind key chain: This was the most surprising item. It wasn't mentioned in the booklet that came with the box. A surprise item I guess and it is gorgeous!! The leather feels so soft.

What a gorgeous box. I love it. What do you think?



Connü said...

It really is a nice box! :D
The brush looks amazing (both design and hair-wise)! I think this is the first time I wish I still was subscribed to the box.

Valerie said...

Yeah I kinda have the impression that every time they bring out a rather unexciting box and people start thinking about unsubscribing they release an awesome box to keep people hooked.. gg

Connü said...

It´s kind of devillish. ^^ Although I have to say after 4 let down boxes I really didn´t care anymore. It´s 4x15€ that I could have spent on something absolutely awesome.

But I still love these posts. ^^ Just too curious of a person.