Friday, 17 May 2013

Review: Puma Sync

Puma released two new fragrances "Sync Man" and "Sync Woman". Let's take a look at them:

Pretty, right? But they aren't just pretty on the outside. They smell gorgeous! Summery and fresh. My favorite kind of scent.

Let's start with "Sync Woman": The first scent that reaches your nose is a fresh peach and right after that the floral scents come through, but without being heavy. I love it.

The details:
Head Notes: berries, papaya, tangerine,
Middle Notes: Lotus flower, water chestnut
Base Notes: peach, amber, sandalwood

The male fragrance is wonderful as well. My boyfriend stole it immediately and I love it on him. It's fresh and "manly" at the same time.

The details:
Head Notes: lime, green notes, bergamot
Middle Notes: rosemary, lavender, geranium
Base Notes: amber, cedar, guaiac wood

I definitely recommend it. :-)


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