Sunday, 19 May 2013

X-Mini Blogger Brunch

Last Friday I had the pleasure to attend the X-Mini brunch. I never heard of the X-Mini before, so I was quite curious.

The look adorable for starters, some impressions:

There are several generations, this is the X-Mini Max Stereo. Here you get two smaller capsule speaker that are magnetic so you can put them together.

The new one is the X-Mini Uno, here you have only one speaker, but it's new ceramic driver makes it even better than the two tiny ones.

It has incredibly amazing sound quality and is so tiny that it fits in every purse. See for yourself:

You can even put them together to get an even louder entertainment, even though one is really enough.

I'm gonna review it seperately as well with a ton of details and pictures, but I can tell you one thing - I LOVE IT.


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