Thursday, 12 December 2013

Look by Bipa Coloured Sand Polishes LE

Hello lovelies,

Looking forward to the weekend? I do, even though it will only start at Saturday evening. Thanks Uni!

I recently discovered a new nail polish LE by Bipa, sand polishes, nothing new, but one of them is a really special, beautiful shade. Let's take a look.

There are six shades:
glitter lilac
 deep red
 glitter coral
 glitter black
 deep blue
 glitter turquoise
They one that really stands out is "glitter lilac", of course I had to have it. *gg*

It's even prettier in real life, escpecially in sunlight, but right now sun is really scarce.. I absolutely love this one, I might get "glitter coral" as well, not sure yet.

The are available for six weeks and cost 1,99€, which is more than fair. They are longlasting and this one was opaque after two coats. :)

Did you already see them or even bought some??