Thursday, 26 December 2013

My Christmas Eve and the Giveaway Winner!!

Hey guys,

Did you have a lovely Christmas? Have you been good this year?

I had a lovely evening with my family. It was great. We celebrated at our house, first time :-) I thought I share some pictures with you.

Can you spot Aristoteles?

He wasn't that happy about my parents dog visiting us. 

We made a buffet in our 50's kitchen.. We'll renovate it next year, but for now it would be too expensive. 

I got some awesome presents.

I got two vegan cookbooks and a book about the empress Elisabeth from my parents. The Tetris Jenga from my sister, a gorgeous Celine knock-off bag and tickets for The Lion King in Edinburgh where we'll be over New Year! :)

What did you get?

And now to the Giveaway winner! chose and here it is:

Congrats Lavinka!!

Don't be sad if you didn't win. I always feel bad that only one can win. :-( I cracked the 300 followers mark, so I'll have a new giveaway very soon!


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