Sunday, 1 December 2013

Maybelline Jade Color Show Broquades Review & Swatches

Hey guys,

It's december, can you believe it?! It's horrible how fast time flies by.

Maybelline released new Color Show polishes. The Brocades, perfect for christmas and when I saw them in stores, I had to buy them. :-)

I bought "Sapphire Stitch" and "Knitted Gold". I've seen online that there are many more in the US, but so far I've only seen those two out there aaaand they have different names in the US as well..

But let's look at what we got - Knitted Gold

and Sapphire Stitch

Aren't they beautiful!! After the weird vintage leather finish polishes which where a disappointment, those are amazing!

Let's look at some swatches from Knitted Gold:

It's so pretty, prettier than in the pictures. It looks like a christmas glitter ball. These are three coats, but even two would have been enough. There are a ton of glitter particles, so you don't need to fish for them or be extra careful.

I'll show you swatches of my other Brocades polish I have soon, it's amazing as well.

Like them? I wish we would have all the Brocades here.


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