Sunday, 19 January 2014

Look of the Day - Nature Edition

This week was incredible uneventful. I was mainly battling this wicked flu and it's still not completely over.. If I'd be a battery I'd be 80% charged.. So, I was trying to find something to post and I did. lol

Today I took my first walk with Kronos for over a week now and thought you sure wanna see the stylish outfits we wore.

While I was sporting sexy wellies..

Kronos went for four classy black fur paws.. *gg* accessories he chose a long rose coloured tongue paired with a blue leash.

Sadly, those fashion items were LE, but I'm sure we were able to fill your daily need for hot outfits. ;-)



Madame Bonaparte said...

Too bad the black fur paws were LE. They are gorgeous. :P

I love this post. Great idea!

Guinevere said...

Yeah he got them as a baby gg