Saturday, 6 November 2010

Body Shops new Winter Collection

Body Shop released their winter collection. Here are pics, sorry I forgot my camera, so they are just I-Phone pics, but you get the idea :-)

Unfortunately I gotta say I'm not that impressed. The products are good or the thought behind them is nice, but the endresult is just not overwhelming.

You have the two eyeshadow palettes. I think Midnight and Twilight are the names. They have a nice colour pay off, but are extremely crumbly, therefore you waste a lot of product, which sucks. You have four eyeshadows and one creme highlighter:


There is also an all over sparkle thingy which has lovely packaging:

It is very fine "glitter powder", which can be used everywhere: hair, body, face. As with most products I'm not the shimmer/glitter fan.

And then there are the other products:
Two glosses, 2 nail polishes, 2 glitter pots, 2 liquid eyeliners

As you can see one gloss is colourless, the other a sparkly rose. Nothing special.
 The liquid eyeliners are cool, but my eyes started watering and burning when I tried the black once, so I stay away from them, though I love glitter eyeliners..
The two glitter pots are sweeeeeet, but without a sticky base those will fall everywhere.. You can see it in the pic - the rosy/pink glitter went everywhere when I moved my hand. 

And the two polishes are okay, but it needs more to impress me.

What do you think??


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