Saturday, 13 November 2010

What would your dream online nail polish store look like??

Hey dear ones,

My friend Barbara, best nail design girl ever, is in the process of making an online store for nail polish and accessoires.

You have the possibility to say what you would want! I will forward all your ideas and wishes to her and maybe she can realise them!

She will sell OPI products, what a surprise *gg* and is in distributor conversations with many other brands as well.

My wish was Nfu Oh polishes. :-) What are your wishes??



alusion said...

Ich hätte sehr sehr gerne Nfu-Oh und Konad Schablonen! Außerdem wären Zoya und Nubar auch schön, da ich die gerne mal testen würde^^
Gegen die üblichen Verdächtigen wie China Glaze/Orly/Essie hätte ich auch nichts :D

Ich hoffe dich stört es nicht wenn ich in Deutsch schreibe^^

Guinevere said...

Why should that bother me? :-) Not at all, I hope it is okay that I respond in English *g*

I will forward that, I also told her about Nubar, Zoya is a bit complicated, she already tried, but they make it quite difficult to become a distibutor, when you're just starting out and don't have a huge back up budget.

amusedPolish said...

Rescue Beauty Lounge(RBL), BB Couture, Deborah Lippmann, Diamond Cosmetics, CND, Sparitual,...

Tough it might be hard with some companies- i think RBL may not look for distributors, probably the same with diamond cosmetics

Guinevere said...

good ideas, I so want Rescue Beauty Loung polishes..