Thursday, 25 November 2010

Essence Fairytale LE Haul

Good morning beloved followers!

I was in Lower Austria last weekend with my boyfriend and we drove to a Müller and there was a full!! display of Essence's new Fairytale collection. It's so crazy how no one seems to give a damn for Essence except beauty addicts in Vienna *gg*

I bought the shimmer powder, one nail polish, one lipgloss and one eyeshadow:

Such pretty sparkle.. Swatch will follow soon!

It's doesn't have that weird yellow undertone it has on the picture

It is a cute peach and I thought lets try it

And on to the swatches:

One gotta admit that the lipgloss is very unpigmented but it is still cute, no staining either.
During swatching the eyeshadow felt a bit crumbly, we'll see how it works on the eyes. The shimmer powder has a quite fine and smooth texture. :-)

So what about you guys, getting anything??



amusedPolish said...

i don't think I'll buy anything from this le.. maybe if the things are on clearence at DM, but the polish colors aren't that unique that I'd hunt them down. (but I love the cute packaging)

Guinevere said...

yeah the packaging is adorable and I'm such a sucker for cute packaging..

Anonymous said...

Could You also upload a swatch of shimmer powder? please. :)

Lilly said...

I'm a sucker for cute packaging too but I don't buy anything from Essence anymore. The quality of the products isn't great as far as I think. I was let down by their gel liner from the denim wanted collection (dried out product after just 2 weeks), the nail polish and the lipgloss I bought from the twilight collection was sh** too. oh and let's not forget about the shimmer powder from the return to paradise collection. such a waste of money. their nail polish chips on me after just one day of wear and basically everything I ever bought from essence disappointed me :/

Guinevere said...

@Lilly I understand your disappointment.. :-( I hate it when products dry out..

@Anonymous: there is a swatch beside the eyeshadow, if you enlarge the pic you can see the gold shimmer on the back of my hand, it is very subtle gg