Thursday, 1 July 2010

Essence Return to Paradise

Essence is stressing us poor customers with a flood of collections..

This one is called Return to Paradise and I got almost everything.
It's a veeery pretty one :-)

There are two eyeshadow trios, which can be used wet as well - they have great colour pay off.

I had to buy this "blush", but to my utter disappointment it has almost no colous pay off.. As a subtle highlighter it is great though I guess.


On the left side the three glosses, beside them (very bad to view) the blush/highlighter, below and beside it are the eyeshadow trios and the three different liners. I love the liners!!! The are super long lasting and have a rich colour pay off.
My nail polish displays are full, so I had to swatch them on my nails. They are on the thicker side, but not streaky. I'm missing one nail polish, which I think is the prettiest, if I get it, I will swatch it for you. :-)

One more Essence edition post to go *gg* then I'm through!


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