Saturday, 31 July 2010

MAC Superglass

FINALLY, after the whoooole world got them in May, we lastly got them on tuesday.

I was totally surprised by the effect. I expected something way more subtle from the photos so far, but when I had it on, it was like "baang". lol

So I ended up buying three instead of one. But from the pictures I took later you will see that the result isn't so mind-blowing after all - I was tricked by MAC's special lighting, but I survive.

Let's see some pics, before I tell you what I think of them.

Aren’t they gorgeous looking??

From left to right: Cherry Electric, Totally Bang!, Fab Frenzy

Totally Bang!

Fab Frenzy

Cherry Electric

They feel like the usual lipglosses by MAC, a certain amount of stickyness, but you don't feel the glitter particles at all. Only at the end, when most of the gloss is gone, the glitter stays behind, as you can see here:

I really like them, even if they aren’t so special as I thought at the MAC counter under this evil lighting. I think over a lipstick they will do great!

Did you buy any??


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amusedPolish said...

ich warte ja sehr gespannt auf die nail trend le im september... hoff, dass ich noch die bekomm, die ich gern hätt ^^