Friday, 9 July 2010

Essence's The Twilight Saga Eclipse Collection

I had to buy it, everything I could get, I mean it's Twilight stuff.. I'm a true Twilight nerd, but still sane. No screaming freak, only a passionate fan, but enough with my love for these books.

What I got:
and I found these two as well at another store:

Let's start with the details:

The collection consists of 4 lipglosses, 3 eyeshadow duos, 2 glitter eyeliner, a diamond powder and 5 nail polishes.

The diamond powder looks nice, but is super messy and gritty.. I didn't even really open it, cause I was full of this powder after seconds anyway.

The glitter eye liners are very long and have a smudger at one end. The thing I noticed is the hardness of the glitter particles, I haven't used them on the eyes yet, but I can imagine that thís might cause some discomfort..

Shadows: Those look nice, but the quality is horrible, unfortunately.. There is no colour pay off until you crush your finger down this shadow and rub around like hell, which I, for my part, will not try with my holy brushes..  

The nail polishes:
I am missing one, a light one with light glitter, I think I will survive. *g*

And now on to the swatches:

La Push or Forks and Edward or Jacob 

Hide Bella Hide, Undead and the eyeshadow duo Werwolf or Vampire

The diamond powder and from left to right:
Don't bite me, kiss me; Undead; Ready to be bitten; Lunch at Cullen's

Undead, Don't bite me, kiss me, Thirsty, Hide Bella Hide

Undead reminded me of Lubu Heels, so I compared them. :-) China Glaze's Lubu Heels goes on way smoother and has more glitter in it.

My opinion?

 I'm a little bit disappointed, which makes me quite sad.. The diamond powder is a single mess, the liners are a bit hard. I don't even wanna start with the eyeshadows. The nail polishes are okay, but qualitywise definitely more on the streaky side. The glosses aren't that pigmented, except Lunch at Cullen's which is sooooooooo beautiful.

So if you're not like me and need to have it all, because Twilight stands on it and it is Make Up, just pick up the red lipgloss. That is the only thing I would say is a must have.

Sad isn't it? I always hope the best..



Lilly said...

I've got the Lunch at Cullen's lipgloss and the Undead naillacquer. those were the only things I really liked.

Guinevere said...

good choices, you didn't miss anything.. *gg*

Lilly said...

oh and p.s. has some illamasqua products on sale ;)