Friday, 23 July 2010

Wax in the City

Hey guys,

I'm sorry that it took me so long, again, but heat and work are weighing me down like crazy. But let's go. This is going to be a looong post. :-)

Recently, Christine from made a post about waxing and her waxing experience in a particular studio. I got quite curious, but for obvious reasons the described studio wasn't a location I could easily go to. *g*

So I decided to look around and chose one: "Wax in the City" in Vienna. Before I start my review a few quick lines to my relationship to hair. lol

I looooove hair on the head, but that's it! I have a very distinct hate for body hair. I adore long luxuirous hair on girls and crazy, spiky do's on boys, but I hate hair on legs, bikini zone and armpits.

I don't think that men need to shave their legs or arms, but anything else like chest, private area and armpits are a must-shaving-zone for my taste. This is only my opinion and if you like your boy hairy, why not, it's just nothing for me.

I am lucky to have very decent body hair growth, so there is no need to switch from shaving to waxing on my body, but I wanted to try to wax my eyebrows and the corners of my upper lip. I only have a few colourless hairs there, but I hate them still. 

Wax in the City is a company from Germany with several locations in every bigger city in Germany and this one location in Vienna. It is a  "walk in" studio, so you can't make an appointment. You just go there, say what you would like to get and that's it. :-)

I was instantly attracted by their beautiful and friendly homepage and with their studio it's totally the same. The place is tasteful, light and has a gorgeous modern interior:

picture taken from homepage

That's what I took with me:

They have a waxing pass and each waxing gets noted and when the pass is full, you get one wax for free. :-)

And some promo material:

And how was it?

Like the place itself - very high quality. They only use hot wax and all the tools are pre-packed and opened in front of you, which I think is great.

The girl, who did my waxing was very friendly and natural, which I think is important, especially when you're planning on getting a bikini wax.

The wax is hot, but bearable. It hurts like you would expect, but it is really no big deal.

And that's how I looked like after:

*gg* That's what I call a red face.. You see indeed where they waxed, my cheeks and nose are red, because it was so hot. Nothing was waxed there. *gg* The redness was gone in about an hour, thank god.

I think they did a great job, but for me waxing isn't detailed enough. The wax wasn't able to grab each hair, like I hoped it would, especially the baby hairs are likely to stay behind.

My conclusion: If you're looking for a great place to get yourself a waxing treatment and live in the area or around Vienna - go there!
It is a gorgeous studio with good prices and excellent service. I will stick with tweezing, it is more detailed in the face area, but if you want to get larger body parts baby smooth and hair free for some weeks or suffer from strong hair growth I definitely would try this.

Hope you enjoyed it! Other places you want me to check out for you?



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Kirschblüte said...

eine kollegin von mir geht auch hin und ist begeistert. frage mich wann ich mich endlich traue (bikini you know *gg*)