Sunday, 4 July 2010

Illamasqua Fix aka Illamasqua Illumine Oil in Volt

I got the subtle impression that one of my lovely readers (blinking at you dear Lilly) needed an Illamasqua fix, oh how I do understand thee. *g*

I didn't play with the palette yet, but it is my top priority now, I just hadn't time and I don't wear that much make up when it is so hot outside, but you'll get a look soon!

Meanwhile, I give you something instead. To make the waiting sweeter. I tried the Illumine Oil I bought for the first time *g* 

Though it wasn't exactly was I thought it would be, I am happy with it.


I applied a teaspoon sized amount of product on my underarm, you shouldn't forget it's not that cheap. 32 pounds for 100ml.

The result was more subtle than I would have thought and I'm sure it is buildable, but I think this is the right amount to make it still look "natural".

Yes, those are tattoos. :-) Which arm is the arm with the Oil???

I tell you, it's the arm where "Never Stop Believing" stands. Click it to see the shimmer better - subtle as I said.

The Oil has a very nice vanilla smell and what I like most - it sinks into your skin. It's not sticky, streaky or just sits there, it's like a light body oil.

For a night out this could be great, as an additional effect to your personal prettiness. To have this silver/blue shimmer on your arms and legs reflecting in the moonlight. Gorgeous!

Nevertheless, as a go to product this might be too expensive..

Hope you liked it and I just wanted to say thank you again - I love it when I get comments, that's the best part of this blog.


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Lilly said...

lol THANKS! :D

I always love reading about Illamasqua. Probably my favourite brand at the moment.

god I wish it was easier to get a hold of Illamasqua.