Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Another trip to Hungary - Part 1 - NYX counter

It always sounds so "huge" when I say we drove to Hungary, but from Vienna you're there in just an hour. So it is an easy day trip.

My boyfriends mum comes from Hungary and has a little flat there and from time to time we drive her there and I always drag my BF to Müller and Tesco.

We have Müllers in Austria as well, but they don't have NYX!!!!

So it is always super exciting to go there and that is their set up. I made the pics with my I-phone, cause it would look weird if I stand there with my huge Canon..

I ended up buying only one blush:

Since I have red cheeks anyway I don't need strong blushes, so this one is perfect.

If you're close to Hungary or from Vienna you should drive there and on the way there is an outlet (Parndorf) which does have a Make Up Store with discontinued and old limited MAC stuff - whooo whooo!!!!