Sunday, 20 June 2010

the battle between colour and summer

A week ago it was so hot in Vienna I thought I would die. I don't like wearing make up when it's so hot that I need to shower every two hours.

I really don't understand the bliss people seem to feel when it is 30 degrees out there and you're sweating like hell, everything you touch is sticky and the sun is burning your skin..

But one evening I definitely wanted to create a look exploding with colour and the last view times I always ended up using bright pinks and I did this time again. The real problem was that it was so hot that the make up melted away all the time. I had to reapply like hell and it still ended up looking not at all professional.
I want you to know this, cause I don't want people to believe that this is the best I can do..

Nevertheless, I liked the idea behind it and decided to show it to you anway:

What do you think?


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