Thursday, 3 June 2010

The curious case of Essence's Trend Editions....

As you know I loooove Essence and they bring out gorgeous Trend Editions as well, but getting those items gets more and more impossible..

This month they released "Surfer Babe" featuring some nice polishes, a sweet blush and some other cool items.

In Vienna you get Essence at Müller and DM, though DM doesn't release all the collections which I had to realise painfully with the "cute as hell" collection.

So to make sure I went there on the day of release four hours after they put up the set up and that was what I found:


Nothing at all. I couldn't believe my eyes.

No blush, no nail polish.. Just the palette which wasn't that special, so I didn't buy it. I tried the liquid eyeliners and the eyeliner pen and they were of awesome quality and durability.

You oughta know that this was on tuesday - a normal work day. I only know this sold out rate from MAC's special editions..

Such a frustrating experience.. I hope "Surfer Babe" will be released at DM, but who knows.

A word of advice my dear readers, if you really want items of a trend edition from Essence, stay in front of the store until they open and then run as fast as you can! *gg*




amusedPolish said...

I know what you mean- thats why I mostly just go to the müller at the stadioncenter because they are quite fast with le's from essence& not unlike other müllers- it is so peaceful and quiet there and I don't have the feeling the SA are either hunting me or avoiding me

but essence seems to be going crazy- at least 2 le's every month from now until july/august...
(and there's one going to be released this month called sun club or something like that)

amusedPolish said...

oh and I just wrote you an email ;)

Marie said...

ayayay Essence und die LEs! ich hab fast alles und liebe die Sachen echt.
Was hältst du eigentlich von Catrice? Die Lacke sind echt super von denen.

Guinevere said...

I really like them as well, I'm gonna do a post soon, thanks for your comment :-)

Where did you get them??? Have you been one of the evil girls who were at Müller before me?

Marie said...

I went to Müller in Oeynhausen. They had EVERYTHING!