Wednesday, 23 June 2010

First Maybelline MNY Haul

Some weeks ago a "new" brand launched in Austria - Maybelline MNY. A baby from the Maybelline brand with a similar schema as Essence - affordable, colourful make up.

So far I'm very impressed. I couldn't wait to check out the range and I made some I-Phone pictures of their counter, but the weird blue lighting they have makes it almost impossible to see accurate colours.

Like Essence they have Limited Editions, at the moment theirs is "I'm a sweetheart"

And that's what I ended up buying:

I loooove the nail polishes, the wand reminds me of the OPI wands and I love it.
The glosses are great as well. Non-sticky, fruity smelling. Look at the colours! Someone obviously got his inspiration from the OCC Lip Tars..

Nail polish swatches are following soon and meanwhile I bought more items on other occasions which I will show you very soon as well.

I definitely would grap some polishes if you can, the colour range is great and as said, I loooove the wands. :-)

Love you guys,


Lilly said...

I have the nailpolish in 265.
Like, but not love it. I dunno I'm not really impressed.
By the way.. could you do a post about nailpolishes ? That would be so sweet!

Guinevere said...

what kind of post about nail polishes?? there are many oppurtunities *gg* I would love to, just let me know what you would be interested in

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing! I love how they set MNY up on your pic - in the shops where I saw it so far, they have it all mixed up, all the nail polishes all over the place, so you cannot really get an overview over the available colours. Too bad!