Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Mac To The Beach Nail Polish

Hey lovely readers,
Am I a good blogger or am I a good blogger? lol What I got going since I'm sick is crazy. It fills the boringness in bed.

This is another post I wanted to do forever. The reason there haven't been any MAC hauls/updates/reviews is that we didn't get anything new this month.
While the rest of the world got their Superglass we got a "next month"... So I bought a ton of Essence stuff and one last item of the To The Beach collection - a nail polish. A super pretty red. I love it and here it is:

It's named Shirelle and looks great, I think this would be a great toe-nails candidate.

So if you have some money left and want a beautiful red, check it out. Though a lot is coming from MAC, you might as well wanna save your money. *gg*



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