Thursday, 10 June 2010

Another trip to Hungary - Part 2 - Essence Wonder

Hey lovelies!

On to the second part which might be a bad idea, cause as soon as this secret is shared I might even loose that option. *gg*

The Müller in Hungary stocks, like all the other Müllers, Essence as well.

Interestingly they are one month behind with their Trend Editions and so there is always a good chance that you get stuff that is sold out in Vienna after a few hours.

I don't know why, but nobody seems to be interested in Essence over there, cause it is always super-stocked.

Right now they have "Into the Wild" and they had every item..

Since I was lucky enough to get all the things I wanted I didn't buy any of them. I ask for Surfer Babe, but not this month.

As I was leaving I saw this:

And I couldn't believe my eyes!

You must know I tried to track down "cute as hell" items for a whole month, I think I drove to every Müller in Vienna, but I only was able to get these items:
I even asked my mum who was on a two day trip in Germany to watch out for them.

And there they were, in the Special Offer section!!!!! So I crapped all these things:

I was soooo happy.

I bought these items twice, which I'll be using for a give away, when I have more followers. :-)

Cool, right?

There are a few items left there from the "cute as hell" collection I believe, but I'm not sure.

So if you're planning a trip there, choose the right time and you might get lucky.

Wasn't that a great post/tip? *gg*


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