Tuesday, 8 June 2010

MAC Pre-re-opening Event at Gerngroß

Since I have more readers from Vienna, than I would have thought, I thought I ask if anyone of you guys will be at the re-pre-opening of MAC at Gerngroß Mariahilferstraße.
It is an event with invitation only or sign up. I got my invitation a good week ago and I thought I show it to you: :-)

If you'll be there, I go there right after work, so I will be there at about 19:20 or so. Since I don't know how you look like *g* and you obviously have seen my face, I would love it if you say hi. :-)
For those of you who aren't from Austria or don't have time or got no invitation, don't feel bad, I will make pictures and post them asap.

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