Saturday, 1 September 2012

GOSH BB Cream Swatches and Review

It's crazy how time flies by.. September.. Summer is over and Uni starts soon..

But for now let's focus on something pleasant. :-)

The BB cream hype doesn't seem to stop and so it's no surprise that GOSH recently released one as well.

I love Gosh, so I was quite curious and what does the sneaky blogger do? Get a sample jar and fill something in for testing.

Of course I swatched each shade as well. There are only four, but those are well chosen:

Top to bottom: Chestnut, Warm Beige, Beige, Sand

Something weird happened, in the short time it took me to get me into decent sunlight the product obviously reacted to the oxygen. See the tiny "blisters":

The shade "Sand" was perfect for my skin, but I noticed that the product darkens a bit once it's applied and worked into your skin. Definitely not something I like.. It still kinda fits, but I prefer products that stay true to their shade. 

I have before and after pics, but honestly, you don't see that much of a difference. My parents renovate and I had no other place to take decent daylight pictures, so excuse this lovely background. gg



It has no scent and is vegan, which is great, but I wish their would be some sort of scent, it has this slightly artificial, plain make up smell. Not quite pleasant in my opinion. 

A little goes a long way, but in terms of coverage it doesn't do much as you can see. It evens out a bit and since it's a BB cream that's okay, but I always prefer more coverage due to my redness.

All in all, I think this is a decent product, but nothing I would buy. It costs 13,99€ and for that price I can get another BB cream/foundation that meets my needs way better.

I hope this was helpful.