Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Body Shop BB Cream Swatches & Review

I couldn't attend the Body Shop event, thank to my cats, so a couple of days ago I stopped by my favorite store on Mariahilferstraße and checked it out. Let's see some pictures:

There are only three shades:

I got some samples and tested them at home:

They are white and transform as soon as they get in contact with your skin, pretty cool:

Unfortunately, that's where the cool stuff ends.. Let's take a look at the shades and you'll know what I mean:

Shade 1:

The longer you work it into your skin, the more it changes:

This one looked particularly disturbing at the end..

Shade 2:

Shade 3:

Know what I mean? Honestly, who chose those shades? Shade 2 looked the most promising for my skin tone, but only at the beginning. At the end, you can see it at the last photo, it didn't match as well..

They don't have a scent and you only need tiny amounts of products, but that's all in vain if the shade is so weird..

All in all, those looked promising, but completely failed in my opinion due to that weird selection of shades, which is quite sad..

If you wanna give them a try, please get a sample first! I wanted to show you a picture with it applied on my face, but it looked so horrible I just had to wash it off immediately..

What do you think?



lasuse said...

ohje, sieht das wirklich auch so schlimm aus wenn man weniger produkt davon im gesicht verteilt? horror.

Guinevere said...

also bei der, die ich probiert hab, 2, hat es dann eben auch orange gewirkt

Alexandra Marie said...

I was excited about these until I saw the colors! They looked so promising...