Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Storing Medication: The Cool Way

This has nothing to do with beauty per se, nevertheless, I wanted to post it, cause it's a topic that's very important for me.

I do have several severe chronical illnesses. They are a part of me and I'm not ashamed of them.

I'm not gonna list what I have today. It's quite difficult, cause it's so much and I'm always worried that people think I just want their pity. It always ends like that, even though it's unmeant. 

I've been looking for a pill box that doesn't look like I'm 80 or in a hospital for ages. A couple of days ago I found it and I wanted to show it to you, cause it's so cool and maybe you're looking for something like that too.

Here it is:

How cool, right? A keyboard!

You can open each day seperately and there's a lot of space!

I do need to take 8 pills each day to stay "healthy", though I'll never be healthy, so let's just say alive. So, you can image that I was worried that all the pills would fit in..

And they did!! How awesome is that?!

So, here we go. The full glory. ;-)

It wasn't a bargain. It cost 9,90€, but I think it's totally worth it. If you need one as well, I bought it at the SCS, on the first floor right at the beginning next to the IKEA entrance on the left side. Pretty cool, right?



Kirschblüte said...

sieht recht witzig aus - auch wenn der inhalt es nicht ist!
kann man ja auch als foundationpalette oder für lippenstifte etc. zweckentfremden ;)

Guinevere said...

ja stimmt, aber da gibt es sicher billigere alternativen und durchsichtige. die find ich bei sowas hübscher

C said...

that's cool! habenwill! ich nehme auch ein paar medikamente regelmäßig jedentag... und weil ich total chaotisch bin vielleicht brauche ich sowas...

Juju said...

Ich finds auch cool :D
Sicher auch sehr praktisch für kleine Ohrringe (Stecker), die verlier ich immer ^^

(auch wenns natürlich einfach nur scheisse ist, wenn man so jung so viele Medis nehmen muss.)