Sunday, 24 March 2013

Biotherm Eau D'Énergie

Yesterday, we went to Excaibur City and look what found its way in my bag..

I had a voucher for 33% off of any product, so I got this beauty for 22,77€. Half of the normal price. What a steal!

I wanted this for ages, the perfect smelling "Eau D'Énergie". A mix of fruity scents such as mandarines and lemons. Since it is a body mist it's not very strong and vanishes quickly, which is kinda sad, but it also avoids the usual headaches I get when using perfumes.

I love it, do you know it?


1 comment:

Reklamedame said...

Ich lieb das Eau de Paradis! Freu mich schon auf den Frühling/Sommer, da passt es voll gut!