Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Essie Spring Collection 2013

Spring is coming, at least at essie.. Vienna is still enslaved by winter temperatures. 

I love essie polishes and I'm always curious when they release new collections. When I saw the promo pictures I wasn't overly excited, but when I heard the LE was seen at DM's I rushed to see them. 

I ended up with four, the red one was sent to me by essie, thanks guys! Let's take a look:

The star of the collection: madison ave-hue, hip-anema, maximilian strasse her, avenue maintain

Let's see some swatches:

Madison ave-hue:

Avenue maintain:


Maximilian strasse her:

Pretty, right? 

I love the blue one and the greenish grey, well, I love them all. *gg* Did you buy them?


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