Monday, 11 March 2013

Essie Sleek Stick Nail Decals

Hello lovelies,

I got these a little while ago and now it's review time!!

There are four decals and you gotta be fast, those are limited edition!!

Essie sent me the "so haute!" stickers :-)

I must admit of those four this set was the one I didn't like when I first saw them at the store. They are just so not me, but it's still pretty awesome to be able to try them. They are made with/of real essie polish, let's take a closer look.

The finished manicure:

There are 18 stickers inside in different sizes. It comes with a little file and a manual:

I thought it was a bit weird to include 18 stickers instead of 20, so you could use it for two manicures, but after putting the decals on, I know you need those 18 to get one neat look.

So how do/did they work? 

You just peel off the sticker you think fits your nail best and file the sticker that stands over the edge of your nail away. Seems simple, but I didn't like the filing part.. 

The stickers were quite stubborn and you can't get an exact edge without automatically filing away a bit of your nails. I tried cutting the excess sticker, but that didn't work. And as much as I tried I never got it perfect, always a little bit standing over..

Nevertheless, one can't argue, it looks pretty cool and is quickly done! The stickers adhere incredibly well, but thanks to that tiny amount of overstanding/imperfect sticker it looked like that at the end of the day .

 I wore tights that evening and after putting them on, it looked like that..

Overall, I think those are amazing for a special night out. You get an awesome design without any work which is great if you are untalented and impatient like me. 

But if you're like me and need a neat and sleek edge those probably aren't for daily use. I removed nine of them the same night, cause it annoyed me so much. The one I left on was still sitting right where I put it three days later. Another thing is the price tag. 9,99€ isn't exactly cheap for one "look", but again, for a special event those stickers are gorgeous.

So, if you like the designs, be quick and get them. And when that special night comes, wear them like a princess. :-)

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