Monday, 4 March 2013

Review: BaByliss Le Pro 2200 W IoniCeramic Hai Dryer

I got this ages ago and since it's so genius it needs to get its own review.

 Let's take a closer look before I talk about it:

As you can see a nice, classy design, you get two caps (which I never use) and the usual settings.

I never thought there could be notable differences between blow dryers, but boy was I wrong.. I got this angel at the Garnier Olia event back in November and didn't use it for months. It just sat there in its packaging on my shelf and I thought well I'll use my other blow dryer til it dies.

Luckily, one day my curiousty and sense of duty to review it got me to unpack and use it and the result was SO amazing I couldn't believe it.

While my old blow dryer needed a good 15 min to get me anywhere this baby did the same job in 5 minutes.   I absolutely love it. It blow dries my hair so quickly and lovely that ever since I first tried it I now blow dry my hair every time after I wash it. It's just so quick and great.

So, in a nutshell, this is an AWESOME blow dryer and if you need a new one, you definitely should think about getting this one!

Product was given for review, thanks :-)

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