Saturday, 30 March 2013

False Lash Schmetterling Mascara

Today, I have one of my absolute new favorites for you! The "False Lash Schmetterling" mascara. A mascara I've been waiting for forever. Let's look at it:

And here comes the magic - the brush! It doesn't have the usual brush shape. On one side the last part of the brush is elongated and on the other side you have a round shape.

Some swatches:

You can see it best in the picture below. Every lash is coated with mascara, every! The shape of the brush makes it easy to get the lashes all the back without clumping and the round shape makes it great to get all the lower lashes.

I just love this mascara! It is perfect.

I always wanted a mascara with such a shape and now it's finally here. It does everything you want a mascara to do, it coats your lashes, all of them, seperates lovely and gives them length.

If you are looking for a new mascara, get this one! I can't imagine you wouldn't like it. I definitely love it. I hope they make a waterproof version soon so I can wear it on my wedding day. *g*

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