Wednesday, 13 March 2013

L'Oréal Riche Les Top Coats

L'Oréal released two top coats that give your nail polishes some extra special finishes. There is one that makes your polish matte, which is nothing new:

And a top coat that transforms your polish into a smoky, new colour:

This is quite interesting and I haven't seen a product like this so far. It works well, but you should make sure that you cover your nail polish in one stroke. Otherwise, it will get streaky.

You can get some nice shades with this, but one must mention that it doesn't look pretty on all colours. Here are three example. The first transformation is my favorite:

It costs 6,99€ which is okay I think. More would definitely be too much, but you can have some fun with this. :-)

What do you think? Fun product or unnecessary?

PR Sample


Reklamedame said...

So einen dunklen Topcoat gabs mal von essence in einer LE!

Guinevere said...

Na das is sicher die günstigere variante gewesen gg

Ela said...

Danke für die Swatches. :) Ich hätte schon ein paar meiner Lacke im Kopf mit denen ich den Topcoat ausprobieren würde. Aber ob ich dafür 7€ ausgeben will...hmm ich weiß nicht. Für das Geld bekomme ich bei Müller schon fast einen Essie. XD

Guinevere said...

Ich weiß, es is schon sehr an der Grenze. Ich denk man muss entscheiden wie sehr man das ausprobieren will gg said...

Unnecessary in my opinion. But then again I own nail polish in every hue of the rainbow, so I just need to grab a different bottle instead of painting one color darker.

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