Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Balea Vanilla Handlotion

This month is weird.. But let's start this week with new energy. :-)

Yesterday I went to DM to get some things for my boyfriends Advent calendar, I should have thought twice about what it means to find 24 "menly" gifts before announcing that this is better than one boring christmas present.. *g*

I stopped at the hand creams, I mean men need hand creams don't they? And found this:

A limited edition hand lotion with sheabutter and vanilla!! I know you can read, but why not write it again *gg*
I had to have it, I mean limited edition, I loooove limited editions. It was 1,50€ I think and so I could justify it easily. *g*

It smells delicious, a very sweet vanilla scent! I also love the dispenser. For the consistency, it isnt that intense. It is a lotion that moisturises, but I wouldn't call it rich, as it is advertised on the packaging.

So if you like vanilla and could use a hand lotion/cream, go get it. If you have really dry hands and are looking for something quite intense, this won't be enough.


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