Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Self-made Nail Quills!

I love Illamasqua, I really do and when I saw their nail quills I thought "sooo cool" but then I saw the price.. 43€.. I spend a lot on make up and nail polish, but that is so ridiculously overprized that even I would never buy it.. Especially since it's so easy to make them yourself.. So I thought I show you!

Let's start: 

First you get yourself some nail tips, the big ones, which are designed for your thumb. You can get them in every nail design supplies store. I bought mine from You can shop online or buy them at their store in Hernals.


Buy the ones with the round "beginning"

Next you fit the tip to your nail and mark the edges, so you know where to cut.

After you cut them in the right shape, you file the edges to get the precise, final shape.

That should look like this in the end:

Now to the painting. I used my black, matte KO polish and Essence "Hide Bella Hide".

After you painted the tip black and let it dry, you apply some tape for the silver part and go crazy.

And ready is your perfect nail quill:

It is super simple and they are just as perfect as the ones from Illamasqua and since most of you have nail polishes and these basic tools, you only need to get the tips. I payed 2,90€ for 50 tips..

So 2,90€ in comparison to 38 pounds plus shipping.. Not a hard decision..

I hope this was interesting and helpful and you are now able to make your own personalised nail quills!

Love you!


Lilly said...


so so awesome! I'm definitely going to try this :)

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