Friday, 3 December 2010

The Snow Disaster or What Happens If You Don't Listen To Your Girlfriend..

Wanna know about my day? I wanna tell you about it! I need to tell this story, cause it gives "I told you so!" a whole new dimension..

At the moment Austria is blown away by snow. Even Vienna, which is very resistant to actual snow, usually Vienna only keeps the mud.. Not now and I love it!

Cause if it keeps snowing like this I finally can justify buying a dog sled for Kronos!!

But back to the original story..

Today we had planned to bring my mother-in-law to her flat in Hungary and visit my father-in-law on the way (Nickelsdorf). But at 7am I looked out of the window and thought, okay, we need to replan. And after Kronos dragged my through the streets to find the cat he once saw months ago, I knew it for sure. But NO my boyfriend was suuuuuure this would be no problem.. 

And since my boyfriend is incredibly stubborn and I'm way too nice, we sat, 90 minutes later, in the car, mother-in-law and Kronos included. Enjoying this:

Despite the fact, that I felt the need to start praying every time we passed a truck, we did well.

And ONE, yes ONE freaking kilometer before we arrived at his dad's place, our car died. It just died. No warning, just stopped running, during driving. I'm so glad we already had left the highway..

So we walked to my father-in-laws house to keep us warm, called ÖAMTC and after one hour this was our situation:

I gotta say, standing there in my gum boots I couldn't help myself but think: I knew it! I knew this wouldn't end well. Couldn't we fucking have stayed at home..

And how was your friday??? *gg*



strawberry fields and vodka said...

LOL! that's just horrible. Well at least you had your dog with you :-)

I spent the day shopping for christmas and enjoying the snow :-)

marychrissy said...

my motto: always listen to your instincts! ; ) Trucks on the highway scare me too, I always wanna pass them as fast as possible ; )

I worked in a shopping mall the whole afternoon, baking waffles for hungry shoppers ; ) Now I'm totally exhausted and miss my bath tub :(

CucumPear said...

Ouch, that sucks. But at least the ÖAMTC guy actually arrived relatively quickly, all things considered.
I just did some shopping after Uni and was rather surprised at the amount of snow left on Kärntner Straße. You'd think they'd clear that thoroughly.

Guinevere said...

@strawberry fields: yeah Kronos had a blast.. gg I love my dog but today I had to accept the fact that my dog is either really dumb or he definitely is crazy.. Jumping against the garden wall for 3 hours in deep snow just to get to the other side and bark at the neighbors dog isn't normal..

@chrissy: I wish we would have a bath tub gg

@cucumpear: yeah I could have hugged the guy, it definitely is extraordinary to have so much snow :)

Chinda-chan said...

Jaja, Männer... :-D

Na wenigstens ist niemand von euch was passiert. :-)