Sunday, 19 December 2010

Moroccan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner Review

I bought these little babies back in March when I was in NY. Those are quite hyped hair products so I had to have them. *g* I bought the "Moisture Repair" series for "colour/chemically damaged hair"and payed for each bottle 8 bucks, which is a lot for 70 ml!

What do I think about them?

Unfortunately, I gotta say I'm really underwhelmed..

The shampoo foams nicely and you don't need much product, but I don't have the feeling my hair in nourished at all. It doesn't make it soft, more the opposite.. If I buy a "Moisture Repair Shampoo" I think it's not too much to ask. The smell is nice, but nothing mind-blowing like Body Shops Radiance series.
With the conditioner I have the same problem. It is okay, but that's it. Definitely nothing special..

What annoyed me the most or in fact really pissed me off was that my scalp turned super sensitive after using those products! I used the shampoo and conditioner several times and it was always the same, I never experienced something like that before and I think that is very worrying.

Long story short:

Pros: It's sulfate and paraben free, has a nice smell and cleans your hair.

Cons: For a moisturising shampoo it doesn't do its job at all. It is unbelievably expensive for the result and makes your scalp totally sensitive.

My result: I wouldnt recommend it! It is soo not worth the money. I know that many people love it and I'm sure it works for them, but it doesn't for me. Maybe they haven't tried good alternatives, but for what I expected and for what it is supposed to do it failed completely. Sorry Moroccan Oil...


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