Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Got2b Guardian Angel Blow Dry Lotion

I bought this when it was released several months ago, finally it came to Austria, but I didn't do a review, cause I wasn't using it... *g*

I have long hair and I'm obsessed with keeping it pretty, so I try to avoid blow drying my hair and I'm very good at that. *g* I just didn't need it, but since the cold weather has reached us and I tend to sleep too long I need to use my blow dryer. So fiiinally I can talk about it. *gg*

It is a spray that, what a surprise, you spray all over you hair before blow drying. It has a nice smell with a hint of hair spray, but (and I tried) I don't find a proper description, you know: It smels like this .. . Maybe if you own it, you could tell me your opinion. So I have to stay with the description: it smells nice *gg*

It doesn't (and that is a major or the most important fact) make your hair sticky or heavy. I just hate it when hair sprays clumb you hair and you can't get a hair brush through it anymore. This doesn't do that and I love it for that.

For the effect: To really tell you if it works, I would have to send samples of my hair in a lab and analyse the before and after effect. *gg* I like it, my hair feels soft and I feel "safer" when I use it.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a blow dry protection I would recommend it, it doesn't make your hair heavy or sticky and keeps them soft. :-)

Do any of you own it?


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Constanze said...

I definitely think about buying it... Do you know if it can be used with a flat iron?