Wednesday, 8 December 2010

France Haul

I wanted to show you what a very special person got me for christmas, I doubt that I will get that much from my family lol. Which is naturally more than okay.

It is soooo amazing, I was so dazzled when I opened it and I still am, I couldn't believe it.

Here is it:

I will do close ups and so very soon, I just wanted to share that with you. :-)

And I wanna officially thank this lovely friend that means so incredibly much to me, that it is hard to put it in words. I wish one of my soulmates wouldn't live so far away. I love you!!!!

And I also wanted to thanks YOU GUYS. I almost have 50 followers now, it means so much to me. I know there a ton of people who have more followers, but that doesn't matter to me, each and every one of you is so precious to me and I am truely grateful!



strawberry fields and vodka said...

thank YOU for running this blog! I think out of all the beauty blogs that I read I like yours best!


nicole said...

hope you like it !!
enjoy love <3

Guinevere said...

OMG lilly that is sooooooo sweet of you... Thank you for These words, they mean the world to me

Nicole like is a way to weak word!! I love it!