Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Long-term Thoughts about Gel Nails

I have my gel nails for quite a while now and I thought it might be interesting to do a pro and contra list about them.

Here are they in all their gorgeousness:

Let's start with the positive aspects:
  • Your nails are strong and don't break anymore
  • All your nails have the same length
  • You can get long nails, which stay long, finally
  • Your hands look neat and manicured, rather than someone chewed them up
  • You don't need to spend money on nurturing nail products that don't work
  • EVERY nail polish lasts forever
  • It is possible that they look natural!!
Now to the negative aspects:
  • They are pricey.. A new set costs 72€ and the monthly refill 38€ (at least where I get them done and I tried cheaper nail designers, whose work always disappointed me)
  • I don't know why but "dirt" tends to get stuck under your nails (see pics at the bottom)
  • Sometimes there gets a little "dirt" stuck between your real nail and the gel (again pics at the bottom)
  • If you work a lot with your hands and aren't careful they can break, but if your nail designer is high quality they usually repair that for free
  • If you decide to stop having gel nails the real nails underneath can be weaker than before (only for the time it takes to grow a new "ungeled" nail)

My thoughts: I loooooove my gel nails, but I said that many times before so you already know that. *g* I was very embarassed about my nails and now that is gone. They look perfect all the time! I think I will never stop getting them done. It is so worth the money. I had to get used to them, cause I never had long nails and so that was kinda weird in the beginning, but now it's the most normal thing in the world. They look natural! I am so happy about that and EVERY nail polish lasts forever, every, never had that before! One strange thing about my gel nails: if I wear glitter polish, sometimes some glitter particles "sink" into the gel and stay there, even if I use a base coat, which I always do.

If you think about getting gel nails and have a professional nail designer near you who you trust, go get them. Nevertheless, think first if you can afford them.

Hope this was helpful!

Love you guys,

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