Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Beauty Award Tag

I got tagged!!!!!!!!!! Whoooo, I love tags, thanks lovely Chrissy!!

So let's start. It's about the products you used this year and you think deserve an award:

Bath and Body:

I really loooove the Raspberry shower gel from The Body Shop and their Raspberry Body Butter which isn't available anymore.. :-(


I haven't found the perfect face cream, but I found the perfect cleansing item:
My Clarisonic Mia, I adore it, it is sooooo awesome!!! I would buy it again in a heartbeat.


I'm extremely picky when it comes to hair care..
But I fell in love with the Radiance Rainforest series from The Body Shop.

It is great, it makes your hair smell delicious and super soft and is silicone free and has an Eco-conscious sign. What do you want more? Nevertheless, I'm still on a budget, so I will try out some of Alverdes products in the future. By the way, so you are warned, I also tried Rainforest Shine, the one for extra shine and I don't like it at all!! My hair gets greasy so much faster than usual with this..


I would give the award to MAC's various concealer. My favorite is Full Coverage (which is technically a foundation), but I love Moisturecover for my undereye area and also the new Longwear does a great job. :-)


Definitely an eyeshadow base. My make up wouldn't last at all without it. I would say UD Primer Potion, it works best for me.


Tough one.. Since I wear lipstick and lipgloss way too rarely I will will stick with a lipbalm. At the moment I absolutely adore Body Shops Hemp Lipalm.


Since my cheeks are so red anyway I like to use very light blushes. I would therefore choose the Beauty Powders from MAC. :-)

Nail Polish:

That is just impossible.. You've seen my collection, it is big for a reason. *gg* Since I can't pick one I will pick a tool. It's OPI's cuticle pusher, it is divine, it does such an amazing job!


I wanted to add this, cause I think it transforms your make up so much! I would choose:
Face: MAC 138 - it is perfect for contouring
Eyes: MAC 222 for defining my small crease
         MAC 266 for being perfect for creating a precise line

Overall product of the year:

Hmm.. I would stick with my Clarisonic Mia, it is just an item I wouldn't want to miss!

Thanks again for tagging me. :-) I love tags..


Ps.: I tag all of you!!!!


marychrissy said...

I thought about adding "tools" as a category too : ) Maybe I'll edit my post including my favorite brush : )

I neglected the Body Shop products this yeah, but the raspberry shower gel sounds delicious and maybe I'll give it a try : )

Guinevere said...

you should! Stay away from the Rainforest Shine Shampoo, I was sooo disappointed, love my Rainforest Radiance though..