Sunday, 4 September 2011

My Eyeshadow Collection

I wasn't sure whether or not I should post this.. I hope you know this is not about bragging and well, in the end I thought, I would want to see it. I'm collecting make up since 2005. I didn't start yesterday, keep that in mind.

The back-story: Don't laugh but the bigger my make up collection gets, the more I worry when I leave. My collection is huge, there's no way around it and by now worth quite a lot.. I started to think about getting my make up insured. Just the way my boyfriend thinks about insuring his whiskeys.

A couple of days ago I asked my adviser and she told me that, usually, everything that's in your flat is included in the household insurance.

The tricky part is:

How much did you own?
How much was it worth?

I'm sure in case of a fire it's difficult to convince an assessor how much those products did cost. I own a lot of limited edition products. She recommended to take pictures from every item I own and write down its name. Quite a project..

I started with my eyeshadows (MAC, Sleek, NYX, Urban Decay, pressed MAC pigments, Paris Berlin,..). Those are all of them except my Essence shadows.

I haven't got all my palettes yet, I ordered some empty Mehron palettes, but am still waiting for them to arrive.

Here we go:





Rose - Pink:

Purple (I reogranised some purples to pinks (Sleek), see above):


I forgot two *gg*


Brown, Bronze:

Silver, Gold, Black:

Ben Nye palette:


So if you want to be prepared for the worst case, document your make up. :-)

Hope you enjoyed that post.



DaniB001 said...

Ich könnte stundenlang solche Kollektionen bestaunen :)
So viele schöne Farben hast Du, finde da nichts verwerfliches dran.

Lilly said...

I looove looking at other peoples collections/ make up storage!
I always pick up new ideas and see things I can add to my wishlist :)

Livia said...

Amazing that you depotted the Sleek eyeshadows. Are you using mostly MAC palettes? x

Guinevere said...

@Livia: I do, but Mehron has some gorgeous ones as well. They are black and bigger than the mac palettes :-)

@Dani: :-)

@Lilly, me too, I love those posts!!

michischaaf said...

oooh die Ben Nye Palette!!! Wundervoll!!

smashinbeauty said...

I love Ben Nye :D
Love how you organized them by colors :D

Blusherine said...

I really want to come and steal the brown and bronze palettes! :-)