Monday, 5 September 2011

Review: Origins A Perfect World SPF 35 Face Protector

I got this ages ago with the A Perfect World toner, which I recently reviewed.
Originally, I planned reviewing both in one post, but since this product has such a genius background, it needed its own post.

To say it in a few words: this little fella is a moisturiser which creates a protective shield on your skin that keeps harmful free radicals caused by ozone, UV exposure, pollution, UV radiation and smoke at bay. 

Well, and here comes the best part: it's scientifically proven! Gosh I love this brand. Not just promises, they can prove it. They built an ozone chamber which measured ozone levels comparable to the three most polluted cities in the world: LA, Mexico and Beijing. After only three hours the Face Protector already reduced the damaging effects of ozone by 76%. Genius, right?

That's how it looks:

First, I was worried that it might not suit my skintone, but no it is perfect. :-) The "colour" seems to dissolve, so I'm sure it will fit everyone.

I would describe it as a fluid since it's so lightweight. It absorbs immediately and has that lovely "A Perfect World" scent.

It's made to be a protecting fluid underneath your normal moisturiser, but I've used it many times without adding an additional cream and my skin was sufficiently moisturised.

This product is full of amazing ingredients, first of all, the Silver Tip White Tea. Then we have Maritime Pine (helps making your skins defense mechanism stronger) and the plant Arabidopsis thaliana, which helps repair the damage caused by UVA and ozone exposure.

I thought I start this pro/contra thing as well, so useful and compact :)

  • lightweight
  • absorbs immediately
  • nice scent
  • moisturises great
  • protection against UV and ozone exposure
  • scientifically proven results
  • price - sadly, a general "problem"with Origins

Overall, I can say that I absolutely love this product.
I know it's not the most affordable cream with its 32,95€ (USA: $27,50 UK: £19.00), but in my opinion it's worth investing that amount of money. I defintiely will get another one as soon as this is empty.


The product was sent to me for review.