Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Review: Garnier BB cream

Maybe some of you remember that I attended the Garnier BB Cream Press Lunch *click*. We got the BB cream for testing purposes and I used it several times by now and I truly like it!

Here again some pics of the cream and the two shades that are available:

My main concern was that it would be too dark for me. From the swatch above you can see that the light version is actually not that light at all..

I applied it and it adapted! It really did, that was so cool, I didn't think it could adapt that well, but it did and after that we became best friends.
I mean I gotta say, it easily could be that it will be too dark in december. I do sort of have my summer colour at the moment and it usually gets lighter in winter.

This BB cream is certainly different from my Missha BB cream. The Missha BB cream is like a foundation - just better. The one from Garnier still belongs to skincare in my opinion. It's not that pigmented, but no one ever said it would be.

The Garnier one is like a tinted moisturiser with more "effects". You have the SPF15, the skin brightening (not bleaching) effect, the anti-aging ingredients, the moisturiser and the touch of foundation/concealer.

It smells nice and fresh, like their face creams do and applies and lasts fine, but it doesn't conceal redness or pimples, so if you're looking for that, you'll need to get the cream from Missha. Nevertheless, it does even out your skin and makes it look healthy and balanced as you can see on the pic below. I'm wearing the BB cream and the Caffeine Anti Dark circles roller ball underneath my eyes:

I really like it, I can pop it on in the morning and don't feel like I'm wearing anything.

  • does what it says: moisturising, evens out the skin, gives a natural glow,..
  • SPF 15
  • easy to use: only one step
  • blends and adapts great
  • price
  • two shades available
  • not really much coverage
  • shade not mentioned on the tube itself (annoys me!)
  • doesn't cover imperfections such as pimples or redness
  • maybe too dark for the ones who have a really light skintone
  • not water-resistant
I hope you liked the review. I think it's definitely worth trying and the price is okay. As long as you know from the start that this is not a substitute for a foundation this won't disappoint you. Any of you own it? What do you think?



Anonymous said...

Do you know where I can find it in the states or do I have to order it online? I've been wanting to try it and your face looks gorgeous! I do have the Missha BB Cream and I like it.

Anonymous said...

Ich verwende die Creme jetzt seit ca vier Wochen und bin wirklich sehr zufrieden! Man merkt garnicht, dass man eine Creme oben hat! Unter der Creme verwende ich einen Concealer von Jade!!!

Dir steht sie auch sehr gut meine Liebe!!

Busssiii Julia

Once Upon A Cream said...

haha, ich hab mir genau dasselbe gedacht wg. dem fehlen des skintones auf der tube!

Lilly said...

this cream is an absolute nightmare. no coverage at all. makes the skin look greasy within an hour and the 2 shades garnier offers are just ridiculous. in short: I've seen better BB creams.

Guinevere said...

@Nadinh86 unfortunately dear, I don't know, maybe you can check at the u.s. site of Garnier or write them via a contact formular, if you can't find anything, tell me and I will contact the pr from Austria

@Julia, ja mit concealer würd ich mich auch sicherer fühlen, muss ich unbedingt mal testen

@once upon a cream: ja es macht mich wahnsinnig, dass man das nicht am Produkt selbst lesen kann

@Lilly: sorry to hear that you are unhappy with it.. What bb creams are you using??

Lisa said...

Von der BB- Cream hab ich schon sehr viel gehört, ich denke, ich werde die auch bald ausprobieren :)
Übrigens unsere Hotpicks Aktion startet gerade erneut und wir würden gerne von dir wissen was deine liebsten Modeteile sind. Zu gewinnen gibt es auch dieses Mal wieder eine tolle Canon Spiegelreflex. Wir würden uns total freuen, wenn du dabei bist, mehr Information findest du auf unserem Blog hier

Guinevere said...

@Lisa: Formular is schon geschickt :-)