Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Review: Missha BB Cream

In a nutshell -> I LOVE it! *gg* I guess I could elaborate that a little bit. ;-)

Remember when I showed you my Missha Haul? I used it a couple of times and absolutely adore it.

For those who haven't seen my Haul post or are to lazy to click at the link *g* this it how it looks:

Now the before/after pictures which speak more than words..

I hate this redness...


I obviously didn't use it on the lids, but look at that evenness. :-) A totally balanced, naturally looking no-foundation face. I love it.

It smells great, like a nicely scented face cream, not too strong, subtle and nice. It blends lovely and has good coverage. It's semi-matte, so no powdering necessary.

I love the high SPF (42) and the anti-wrinkle/anti-blemish ingredients. I can't tell you if they actually will make a difference over time, I only used it a few times, but it makes me feel "safe" and that I've taken good care of my face.

I would call it long-lasting and water-resistent, cause it did last well during those hot days. Nevertheless, on really hot days or on special occasions where I can't afford getting a red face, I will wear my MAC pro longwear concealer underneath. Just to be safe.

All in all, a gorgeous product, if you wanna test BB creams, get this! Missha has other BB creams as well, which don't have such a high SPF for those of you who don't wanna get/be pale.

  • good coverage
  • lightweight
  • nicely scented
  • evens out the skintone
  • blends lovely
  • easy to use
  • price is okay
  • not available in Austria - one needs to order it online
Hope you enjoyed the review, I know some of you have been waiting for it. :-)



Lilly said...

Excellent review :)
I love mine too! It does indeed give you that no make up make up face.

Jen said...

Gegen die Rötungen verwende ich meistens nen grünen Concealer, wirkt wahre Wunder :) die BB Cream muss ich mir im Netz auch mal näher ansehen :)

Guinevere said...

@jen, welchen grünen concealer verwendest du denn? ich hab jetzt noch keinen gefunden, der den job zufriedenstellend erledigt

Lilly said...

ich verwende seit einiger zeit eine andere BB cream von BHTC (jasmin water heißt sie), die ist auch klasse. die missha habe ich ebenfalls bestellt, sie ist aber noch nicht eingetroffen. danke für deine review, die ist bestimmt auch hell genug für mich.
PS: sorry mir war englisch schreiben zu anstrengend.

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